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3 Reasons Why DIY Flat Roofing Projects Are a Bad Idea

As a rule of thumb, it’s best to let professionals handle roof replacement projects. What’s the worst that could happen if you decide to do a DIY commercial roofing job? Quite a lot of issues can arise, issues that are likely to cost you more in the long run.

Here are some of the reasons why doing a DIY commercial roofing job is a bad idea:

1. Flat Roofs Are Leak-Prone

Thanks to their low slopes, flat roofs are leak-prone. That’s because water tends to pond on flat surfaces. Left unattended, standing water adds to the weight load flat roofing systems have to support. Since commercial roofing systems aren’t designed to handle heavy weight loads for long, water could seep into the flat roof’s underlayers if there aren’t enough drains or the drainage system wasn’t designed or installed correctly.

2. Practically Zero Room for Error

The seams—the point where two different surfaces or roofing panels meet—are one of a roofing system’s weak points. To ensure water doesn’t seep into the underlayers through the seams, contractors apply the roofing membrane in one go. There’s no room for error when applying roofing membranes—even a tiny mistake can leave behind gaps through which water can infiltrate your flat roof.

3. The Use of Special Equipment

If you’re installing a tar and gravel replacement roof, special equipment is needed to spread tar and asphalt evenly. Some building owners attempt to do a DIY commercial roof replacement to save on costs, but the special equipment alone would be a significant cost. Not to mention learning how to operate the special machines can’t be done overnight—it takes years of professional training and experience to operate specialized machines such as these properly.

Given all of these disadvantages, it simply doesn’t make practical—or financial sense—to install a commercial roof replacement yourself. As such, it’s best to let a professional contractor handle roof installations.

Looking for professional contractors near you?

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