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How to Minimize Roof Replacement Stress

For most homeowners, residential roofing replacement is an exciting project they can look forward to. An old, leaky, sagging roof is a huge problem, so when it’s finally time to replace it with a brand new roof, it’s cause for a little celebration.

However, you might also be in awe of all the work, which is usually a stressful undertaking. You can focus on the good things and not worry about the stress if you’re more prepared. Here are some tips to make that happen.

Prepare a Project Notebook Early

Sketches, clippings, notes and many other things should be filed in a notebook you keep handy. This is also where you’ll keep quotes from sellers and contractors, as well as receipts, copies of permits, and other paperwork. If you have a project notebook, you’re less likely to lose important documents.

Find a Contractor

Do this early too. Sometimes, it pays to already have a contractor in mind even while you’re only just thinking about a new roof. Call at least three roofing contractors and ask them for quotations. It’s a good idea to hire locally, as local contractors know your area’s climate best. They are also easier to reach if you have questions or problems with the project.

Prepare Your Money

If you have quotations early, you can start saving for your roof replacement. If you can’t pay for it in full with cash, you have time to look for other sources, such as banks or even financing through your contractor.

Prepare a Contingency Fund

Having money to pay for your roof replacement is good, but what if -- upon the removal of the old roof -- your contractor finds a serious problem with the structure? That’s an additional cost, and you don’t have a choice but to pay for it because you can’t have the old roof returned or leave your home without a roof at all. It’s best to have a contingency fund amounting to at least 20% of the total cost of the replacement.

Plan Your Temporary Setup

Replacing a roof can take a while, maybe a couple of days. Meanwhile, you can’t put your life on hold. There are meals to have, dishes to wash, showers to take, and many more things. Make sure to plan for these things before you start the project. Do you have to move your family to a hotel or a loved one’s home temporarily? Where should you put your dog? Is there a baby in the family? If you’re unprepared, such matters can cause delays and difficulties.

You can call your contractor and ask for tips regarding this. They might even accommodate building you a temporary kitchen sink or shower at no extra cost.

When it comes to avoiding the stress associated with roof replacement projects, all roofing companies agree, nothing beats early preparation. Get in touch with Dry Tech Construction for more tips. We can help you with roof repairs and replacement. Call us today at (707) 328-5216 or fill out the form on this page.

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