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Information You Should Expect to Get From a Roofer

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

You should be careful when it comes to hiring contractors for your home improvement projects, especially major ones like roofing. It is also not advisable to do roofing jobs on your own because it can be dangerous. Hiring a skilled and experienced company is essential because repairing or replacing a roof can come at a high cost.

Here are things that should be included in residential roofing estimates.

Why Is Getting Roof Estimates Important?

You’ll Know What Your Roof Actually Needs

Keep in mind that roofs can last for decades if you get regular inspections and maintenance. It’s important to get at least three estimates from different contractors because it will help you determine if your roof really needs a replacement or just repairs. Even if someone you know recommended the contractor, it would still help to get a second option. For instance, if two roofers say you need a new roof and the other claims the system only requires repair, you probably need a roof replacement.

You Get to Compare Prices and Qualities

Having at least three quotes from different roofing contractors allows you to compare prices as well as material quality. When comparing quotes, it is not always a good idea to go for the roof that has the lowest price. Most times, you get what you pay for when it comes to roof replacement. You should have the best quality roofing material that fits your budget. Remember to stay away from roofers who sacrifice quality to cut corners so that more clients will choose them.

You Can Find the Right Company for You

By getting multiple quotes, you get a feel for every roofer that you speak to. Once you have spoken to the contractors and reviewed their estimates, you will know which one is ideal for your home. Make sure to find a contractor that you can trust and has experience with the kind of roof you have.

What Should Be in Roofing Quotes?

Contact Information

Roofing estimates must include the contact information of the contractor, including the complete company name, office address, phone number and email address. These details are useful in case you have concerns about their estimate. Insurance and licenses should also be present on the estimate as they can help you determine if the contractors are legal. Never consider a roofer that does not have proper licensing, insurance and bonding.

A Complete Description of the Job

Another essential part of residential roofing estimates is the job description. Expect to see a detailed description of everything that would be done to your roof. It should state all the materials that would be used, including flashing locations, the type and thickness of underlayment, as well as the size of nails and fasteners. It should mention every step of your project.

Start and End Date

The start date pertains to when your roofer will start working on your roof. This date should work with your needs and schedule. Moreover, the estimated end date will give you an idea of how long it will take your prospective contractor to complete your roofing project. A skilled roofer would complete the job as scheduled and be prepared for unexpected issues.

Estimates from roofing companies must also state the date that the quotes were made. While many think that this date is not relevant, it can determine if you will get the quoted amount or not. You may need to get

Materials to Be Used

Materials make a significant amount of the total cost of your roofing project. Your estimates should indicate how much it would cost to replace shingles, flashing, soffit, gutter pieces, and other components. It should indicate the type of sealant needed to waterproof your roof. Consider it a red flag if the estimate does not have an “others” field in the material cost.

Total Project Cost

All roofing contractors must include the total project cost in their estimates. Compare these costs and decide which is reasonable for their price. The price should not simply indicate the cost of the new shingles. It should also state how much it would to tear off the old roof and install the new shingles. In the total project cost, expect to see the cost of underlayment, flashing, chimney work, lead pipe jacks, ridge or box vents, flapper vents, and gutters. It should also have labor, cleanup, and permit costs.


When assessing roofing quotes, pay attention to warranties and guarantees every contractor offers. There should be a section that explains the inclusions and exclusions of workmanship warranty, material guarantees and clean up expectations. Contractors who are certified by manufacturers can offer you more comprehensive warranties, protecting your investment. Moreover, labor and material warranties can help you compare the durability of the products and services the roofing companies are offering.

Tips on Hiring a Roofer

Aside from consulting multiple contractors, you must also do your research. Reputable companies would have no issue showing you their proof of license and insurance. Keep in mind that requirements for license and insurance vary by state, so look up this information before even finding a roofer.

Ask your prospective contractors for at least three references so you can assess their work. As much as possible choose a contractor with experience in the kind of roof that you have. These professionals are more likely to do the job right the first time, saving you money on added repairs and extended completion time.

Before signing anything, make sure that you have completely read and understood the contract. A good roofer would let you take your time in reviewing your terms of the agreement. They would even be happy to discuss each section with you and explain any details that may not be clear.

Choose a reliable contractor for your home exterior needs to make the most of your investment. Dry Tech Construction is one of the area’s most trusted roofing companies. Give us a call at (707) 328-5216 or fill out our contact form to get a free estimate.

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