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Reroofing VS Roof Replacement: Which Is Your Best Option?

Various factors affect the longevity of residential roofing systems, such as material, installation, and location. When this time comes, you can either go for a reroofing or a roof replacement. An experienced contractor can help you choose the best path for your roofing system.

Find out which between re roofing and roof replacement is the better option in this blog post.

Reroofing VS Roof Replacement?

Also called an overlay, reroofing involves installing new shingles over the old ones. It means your contractor will not tear off your old roof. Keep in mind that an overlay can only be done once as your roof can only handle two layers of shingles.

Moreover, roof replacement, your roofer will remove the old shingles before installing new ones. In this process, they can also see if the material underneath is suffering from damage. They will then perform necessary repairs before proceeding to the actual installation.

While roof replacement takes longer to complete and can cost more, it’s a better solution for systems that are reaching the end of their life. Experienced roofing contractors recommend this option as it gives more appealing and long-lasting results.

Is Reroofing a Good Idea?

Reroofing is ideal if the components beneath the shingles are in good shape but the top layer is failing. For instance, your shingles may be experiencing granule loss but are not causing leaks, curling, or missing, then re roofing is a possible option.

However, reroofing can only be done in asphalt shingle roofs. Mixing materials is not possible, like installing a new layer of slate or wood tiles of asphalt shingles. You can also only install a new layer of shingles if the existing ones are completely flat and level. Moreover, adding another layer of shingles to a roof that’s already been reroofed before can compromise your home’s structural integrity (if the roof gets too heavy.)

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