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Hiring a contractor

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Have you ever had to hire a Contractor for a Home Improvement Project? Maybe you’re an “old pro” and have run lot’s of different projects. I’m not! It’s hilarious because I’m running the Dry-Tech Roofing office, taking calls, scheduling appointments and projects, collecting the invoices, doing the Marketing, taking out the trash (I need a raise!!) and Oh by the way my wife and Son expect me home once in a while! It seems just like yesterday he was crawling… now he’s playing the piano and taking Spanish! Don’t laugh but we’re so busy, we forgot to celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary last week! And before you point your fingers Ladies, she forgot too! But I digress…

Back to my original question. Have you ever had to hire a Contractor for a Home Improvement Project? I ask because while performing one of my many tasks for my company, the reality of how important what we do is hit home Hard! Full disclosure, my Partners and I run a Roofing Company! They have years of experience in the Trades but I don’t… Have you heard the phrase, “I’m not a Dr. but I play one on T.V.?”. Well, I’m not a Contractor, but I play one at the office and on the phone! Don’t worry, I’m sending either Michael or Jeremy to your house and I am honest enough when you ask me to tell you I have no actual roofing knowledge, but they do and they will answer all your questions when they get to meet you.

That being said I was interviewing a Lady that we had helped before my partners asked me to come on board (I’m a Director, Photographer, and Father/Husband at the time). Actually, I still am but helping run this company takes most of my time. Michael had asked me to interview Rose about a horrible experience she had with a huge Roofing Company. Watch the video on our site . It was horrible and I wanted to believe that it was an isolated incident. I discovered it’s not! When talking to Jeremy, he told me that California has a lot of rules and regulations, but he loves that they really look out for Homeowners. This great lady had worked hard her entire life, found her “Dream Home”, and then hired the wrong guys… I’m glad to say Michael fixed the problem. I’m sorry to say it was a mistake that caused thousands of $$$, mold problems, and lot’s of litigation. It really made me stop and think about how important what we do is and why Michael and Jeremy are so serious about the details of the projects we do. Because we really are…. Protecting Your Family, Home and Investment.

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