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What to Do During a Roofing Emergency

One of the first things that protects your home against the elements is your roofing system. It’s also your responsibility to ensure that it’s in great condition at all times by having it maintained and repaired as needed. However, no matter how much you take care of it, it can get damaged due to emergencies or accidents. In this post, Dry-Tech Construction, one of the top roofing companies, share what you can do during a roofing emergency.

Observe Your Area and Inspect the Damage

Before getting out of your home, make sure that the area is safe for you to move around in. This ensures that you’ll have an easier time navigating through the area as well. When checking your home for damage, be mindful not to assume its condition right away. You’ll need the opinion of an expert roofing contractor before having the final verdict. Also, we strongly recommend you not to go up your roof in this situation. While it’s understandable that you want to be sure of your roof’s condition, your safety should be the number one priority.

During this time, your roof could be in an unstable condition that won’t be able to hold your weight and could result in a roof collapse. In case your emergency roofer cannot reach you, try to do some temporary fixes such as applying a tarp over leaks to prevent further damage in the meantime. Once your residential roofing contractor has arrived, they’ll begin to inspect your roof to inform you of its condition. Afterwards, they’ll advise you whether it should be repaired or replaced, depending on the damage.

Keep Away From Storm Chasers

In the middle of the stress and chaos you’re going through, there are some individuals who are trying to take advantage of this situation known as storm chasers. They try to use the urgency of the situation by offering their “services” by offering deals that are too good to pass on or demand a big upfront payment. In case they do the job, it will be of poor quality and won’t even last for long. To avoid this situation, only trust certified roofers or ask for contacts from your family and friends and work with contractors they’ve trusted before.

Looking for reliable roofing companies to work with? Trust in Dry Tech Construction. We’re dedicated to protecting your family, home, and investment. Even roofing manufacturers trust us because we trained under them. Call us at 700-600-3129 or fill out our contact form for a free estimate.

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