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Why Your Repaired Roof Is Still Leaking After a Service Call

When your roof needs repair, you shouldn’t wait long to prevent the problem from getting worse. Keep in mind that being proactive can help delay the need for a roof replacement. However, leaks may persist even after your roofer finishes the repair. If you experience this situation, make sure to contact your contractor immediately.

Keep on reading to find out why this problem occurs.

Your Home Is Starting to Settle

Settling occurs when the foundations of your home start to move from its original location. Cracks may form in the previous repairs performed on your roof, or new ones may develop.

Incorrect Diagnosis

Leaks are not always easy to locate, meaning it’s easy for some to miss the source of the problem. If your roofer fails to address all the leaks in your roof, the problem will recur.

Your Roof Is Not the Only Problem

Leaks may be coming from other parts of your home besides your roof. Your contractor may have missed it the first time check inspected and repaired your roof.

Water Reached Other Areas of the Roof

For instance, your contractor performs a roof repair on the left side of the system, but the right side is also problematic, the water may go to this side, and new leaks will occur. To prevent this problem, experts recommend having your entire roof inspected even if only one area is manifesting issues.

Using the Wrong Material

An experienced contractor would know the right materials to use when repairing your roof. Using the wrong materials is a common mistake committed by unqualified roofers. These people offer lower rates but typically skimp on materials. When the roofing system is not repaired properly, it will start leaking again.

Whether you’re looking for a replacement roof or need a roof repair, you can count on Dry Tech Construction. Call us at (707) 328-5216 or fill out our contact form to get a free estimate.

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